Pricing Structure

There are 42 modules in the online course.
We have structured the pricing in such a way that we hope to have been able to acommodate each person’s needs and current financial abilities.
In summary:

  • Full course = $25 1 payment
  • 2 parts = $15 x 2 payments
  • 4 x parts = $10 x 4 payments
  • 8 x parts = $6 x 8 payments
  • 10 x parts = $6.5 x 10 payments

Please make sure to read the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS

When purchasing options 2 – 4 it is imperative that you purchase the remaining multi-module sets in chronological order. 
“the Digi-Scrapper” will not be held accountable for the inability of a student to successfully scrapbook digitally if all the courses have not been purchased and completed in chronological order.
A certificate of completion and achievement will only be issued after the very last module has been completed.
The modules have been set up in such a way that you cannot move onto the next module until the previous one has been successfully completed.
Most of the modules include an assessment after completion.  If a result of 80% + is not attained, then you will be re-directed to the start of that module to re-do it until you do obtain the pre-determined and accepted pass rate.
The student will be expected to complete a page including all techniques taught as part of an examination.  This page will then be uploaded and “the Digi-Scrapper” team will assess this page before the certificate of of achievement will be issued.
These terms and conditions pertain specifically to the pricing structure.  All additional terms and conditions can be viewed at the following link: TERMS AND CONDITIONS

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