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The internet is full of digital scrapbooking courses, but they’re almost all based on PHOTOSHOP.

This on its own may be a reason why there are so many avid scrapbookers and potential digital scrapbookers who have not yet tried their hand at this new, quick, economical and goof-proof way of scrapbooking.

Photoshop is a very intimidating software program for those who have limited computer skills, or don’t really know where to start. Digital Scrapbooking not only keeps in with the whole digital and “go-green” age – but has numerous other advantages too.


Firstly we teach you how to get ALL your photos, papers, stickers, embellishments, memorabilia and completed traditional pages onto digital format.

Then we show you how to organize all your digital photographs, and digitized scrapbooking accessories, in a logical manner so that you can easily access everything you need to complete a page and then of course your pages can be completed in the nick of time.

Lastly, we use a software program which has been voted numerous times as the best software program for the digital scrapbooking BEGINNER, and teach you all the ins-and-outs of this program to help you create the most exquisite pages.


Scrapbook Factory Deluxe V5 software This program includes 6500 Designs and custom9isabler projects, 75000 graphics, 6000 photorealistic embellishments, 1500 fonts, built in basic photo editor, and other effects required to create the most beautiful pages yet. The program cannot be downloaded off the internet, it has to be bought as a boxed version. This software can be bought in “the Digi-Scrapper”s online store.


This course is made up of 42 short and easy to follow modules.

Each module covers a different topic ranging from organizing your photos right through to designing the most exquisite page – using many techniques already learnt as a traditional scrapbooker – and a whole lot of new techniques.

Each module contains easy to read and understand notes and/or screenshots and/or videos.  The ONLY catch is that the modules have to be followed and completed in chronological order.

You don’t need to have any scrapbooking or computer skills to be able to enrol for this course.  There are only a few easily attainable pre-requisites. The modules have been set up in such a way that you cannot move onto the next module until the previous one has been successfully completed. Most of the modules include an assessment after completion.  If a result of 80% + is not attained, then you will be re-directed to the start of that module to re-do it until you do obtain the pre-determined and accepted pass rate.

Once you have successfully completed a module you can return to it as many times as you wish for the duration of 1 month after completion

A certificate of completion and achievement will only be issued after the very last module has been completed.


We have tried to accomodate every budget and the course can be purchased in one of 4 different options.



Online Course as designed and presented by “the Digi-Scrapper” (reg no 2010/163820/23) This course is presented in English, and the spelling,  grammar is according to English used in South Africa. Any queries not dealt with below may be directed to “the Digi-Scrapper” via e-mail.

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