Don’t need to spend a fortune on tools and products (all included in your software program)
No waste (of paper, embellishments or photos)
Save space (only need your computer)
A page can be easily re-done until you are satisfied (just press the undo or redo button, no tearing, un-gluing, or frustration because of the time and money spent on a page that didn’t come out the way you wanted it to)
No mess (no bits of paper, cut up photos or tools and photos lying all over the place)
Far quicker (once you know what you’re doing you can quickly do a page between supper and bed-time)
Photos can be easily manipulated (change colouring, crop, resize etc without spending a fortune of re-printing)
Exact matching colours can be chosen (no more standing in the shop with your photos trying to match the exact colours, just ‘pick’ an exact colour off your photo and create your own matting or background sheet)
Create your own embellishments
Pages can have texture and 3D effects
Easier to organise into chronological order (no more envelopes of photos and shoe boxes etc…)
Mistakes can be easily fixed
Many copies in various sizes can be made at no expense
One layout can be copied to different albums
A damaged album can just be re-printed
Album can be easily duplicated for friends or family
Completed pages can be e-mailed to friends and family
Supplies can be re-used over and over
Albums are slim and neat
You can join the community of PROUDLY GREEN!
Don’t have to develop the photos taken with your digital camera.
Old techniques taught as a traditional scrapbooker can still be used.
When finances are low you needn’t stop scrapping
Albums are easily stored
Completed traditional scrapbook pages can be scanned and added to the new digital book.
Digital “coffee table style” albums look very professional
Makes economic sense
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